At Banded Horn Brewing Co, we believe the best beers share one common virtue: balance.

We strive for a harmony of flavors with each brew, from traditional to cutting-edge beers that defy classification. By crafting a vast array of styles, we seek to encourage community and camaraderie — banding together.


We are a brewer-owned, fashioned, and operated 20 bbl brewhouse and tasting room in the heart of Biddeford, ME. Next to the mouth of the Saco River, we produce fresh beer straight from the source. Helping revitalize the 150-year-old Pepperell Mill, we are proud to be the historic city of Biddeford’s first brewery, and to have our home in Maine’s flourishing craft beer scene.


Believe it or not, our brewery had a logo before it had a name. The drinking horn imagery connotes banding together. It remains a ceremonial vessel in many cultures and, to us, it represents celebration and the beauty of enjoying a delicious beer with great people.


In 2005, cousins from central Maine Ian McConnell and Ron Graves drove past The Hop Shop, the only local home-brewing supply store at the time. In Ron’s words, it was simple: “I said, dude, let’s stop. We’ve got to make our own beer. It didn’t take much convincing.”

Upon moving to NY (…for a girl), Ian’s new hobby burgeoned into a career when he accepted an internship with Brooklyn’s growing Sixpoint Brewery. After working his way to the role of Head Brewer and developing a connection with the people and culture of brewing, home was calling. Ian moved with his wife (yes, the aforementioned girl) to raise their minions in idyllic Maine and to start his own brewery in his home state with his cousin, Ron.

cornhole table


The inaugural batch of Banded Horn beer was brewed on November 22, 2013. The Kickstarter-funded tasting room successfully opened its doors to the public in December of the same year.

Nearly a year later, Pepperell Pils and Veridian IPA became the first bottled selections from Banded Horn, and Luminaire IPL followed as our first-ever canned beer in 2015.

2016 brought major expansion upon our original floor plan to include an outdoor deck, administrative and warehousing space, a packaging area, and an additional cellar, which we lovingly refer to as Lager Land.

Now with over 200 bbls of fermentation space, we are able to ensure reliable availability of several packaged beers right from the brewery. In addition to selling beer throughout Maine, we have regular distribution of both draft and packaged beer to New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

As many of our customers have caught on to, something is changing every single week at the brewery and taproom. We are constantly expanding and adapting, as we believe that craft is never stagnant.


From Biddeford with Love,