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Pepperell Pilsener

Unfiltered German Pilsener, or Keller Pils. Light and extremely drinkable. Malt is fresh and bready, with an aroma that only comes from a true lager. Hops are sharp, noble, and spicy, with a deep herbal touch. Dry, crisp, and hoppy. Perfect session beer.

ABV - 4.6%


Veridian IPA

A balanced American IPA. Smooth, light maltiness, with a touch of honey and granola. Hops are vibrant and bracing, yet light on the palate. Lemon peel, tropical fruit, and spruce dominate the bouquet. 

ABV - 6.0%



Big nose full of canteloupe, pine, and citrus. Flavor is loaded with dried fruit and hop resin, with notes of black pepper and mint. A huge, intense double IPA that remains dangerously balanced and drinkable.

ABV - 8.7%


Wicked Bueno

Folks around here like to say that we only have two seasons. And some years it seems true. Wicked Bueno is not a seasonal release. It is brewed for the time of year when you don't know what the weather will bring-- a light-hearted Mexican-style lager to remind us that the wicked good days of summer are almost here.

4.3% ABV

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Here is a rare concordance. In this can, brewing techniques hundreds of years old are melded with a modern obsession: lavish amounts of hops. Tradition meets trend. The fusion is bright. This golden glimmer sheds light on a new path, one that leads skyward in the direction of the stars. 

ABV: 5.4%

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Pale ale with spruce tips added. An ale of mythical proportions - heroically brewed with Maine-foraged spruce tips. And infused with the dauntless vitality of northern trees.

ABV - 5.6%

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The Mountain

The aptly named Mountain is a Russian Imperial Stout. Dark and forboding, notes of burnt caramel, oak, charcoal, and cream, mingle well with a deep, intense maltiness. A huge stout, yet it remains balanced and one sip begs another chance to explore the complexities.

ABV - 12%

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Jolly Woodsman Coffee Stout

A special blend of Norweald and Mountain stouts deliciously enhanced with wood roasted Kenyan espresso from Matt's Coffee. Huge, bright coffee nose. Tasting notes (barista style)- Orange, cacao husk, cranberry, juicy, bitter chocolate. Fuels the hungriest of fires, or the most ardent woodsman.

ABV - 7.5%

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Strong Red Lager with Bitters. Nordri is first in a series of collaborative seasonal beers brewed with bitters from Owl and Whale. Nordri is of the North and represents Winter. This is a mystical and rare tonic which allows the user to bear otherworldly burdens without a stumble, and shrug Winter's pale bluster aside with a whimsical smirk.

ABV - 8%

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Norweald Stout

Malty American Stout. Norweald covers the spread of dark malt flavors perfectly. Dark chocolate, charcoal, smoke, burnt toffee, cream, and caramel. Intense maltiness is balanced by roasted malts and just enough hops to taste.

ABV - 6.5%

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A faithful Berliner-style Weisse brewed in the new bohemia of Biddeford, Maine. Sitting at 2.9%, the "Little Bear" is short in stature with an aggressive bite. Pleasantly tart, light, and refreshing, Bärchen was brewed using German Heidelberg malt, domestic wheat, Hersbrucker hops, and lactobacillus. 

ABV - 2.9%

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Ghost Window

Inspired by ghost stories that take place in the historic Peppered Mill and a singularly haunting window at the top of the stair tower of Building 15, which we can see from our brew deck. Ghost Window is a French-style Saison brewed with flaked-rye and wheat, then classically fermented in a re-purposed dairy tank, before being dry-hopped with a healthy dose of Mandarina Bavaria, and finally conditioned with Brettanomyces. This ale is ready to be enjoyed now or, like the tales from the mill, will become more complex over time. 

ABV - 5.5%

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This ale was salvaged from a bottling run gone amok. One fine afternoon, a batch of SESSION ENDER was exposed to extra oxygen due to a glitch in the bottling line. The beer kicked back into fermentation mode, but then it faltered. This mishap left behind what’s know to us here at BANDED HORN as Big D, the worst of the off-flavors. We weren’t about to let it go. Here’s what we prescribed: Two strains of Brettanomyces, a healthy dose of raspberries and cherries, oak, and time. We let it age for over a year. What emerged was not a simple rendition of the Session Ender. This was something new. This beer had been reclaimed, re-fermented, augmented, and transposed into something completely different.

ABV - 14.1%

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For the second year in a row, we’re banding together with Barreled Souls to create collaborative brews and host an epic New Year’s celebration. RESOLUTION is one of a kind. Fermented with four different yeasts, including Brettanomyces, this beer is worthy of a midnight toast to ring in the new year. And, like a true resolution, this beer holds great promise. It will become more complex and acidic over time. Be sure to save a bottle to usher in 2017!

 ABV - 10.1%

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Blind Eye

Blind Eye was brewed in collaboration with Nocturnem Draft Haus. It's a Baltic Porter brewed with our house lager yeast. Sweet and malty with notes of molasses and toffee but also dry and not cloying.

The term Blind Eye harks back to the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801, when Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson held his blind eye to his telescope, thus purposefully not seeing signals to withdraw and, assured that he could win a victory, continuing with his attack.

ABV - 7.7%